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  • Redefining the shopping experience

    Shopping is meant to be global, with no borders.

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  • Be a Requester

    Need to bring something from another country? Want someone to buy you a gift to your friend overseas? Or simply tired of paying expensive shipping fees for your online shopping? We have figured it out. You can shop bring or send your items with one of our big network of devoted travelers arriving on the next plane.

  • Be a Jibler

    Would you like to make extra cash while you travel? Might go as far as funding your trip. Got extra baggage space? You can use what you paid for to make some extra money.

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How it works

Jibli helps you mention what you need to bring or buy and we will match you up with the next traveler.

  • How to Request?

    1. Specify the item you want

    2. How much are you willing to pay

    3. Where to be delivered

    4. Your request is in the market

  • How to Bring?

    1. Signup

    2. Pick and set a date

    3. Buy and confirm purchase

    4. Deliver and get paid

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