Be A Requester

Need to bring something from another country? Want someone to carry a gift to your friend overseas? Or simply tired of paying expensive shipping fees for your online shopping? We have figured it out. You can ship, bring or send your items with one of our big network of devoted travelers arriving on the next plane.


Be A Jibler

Would you like to make extra cash while you travel? Might go as far as funding your trip. Got extra baggage space? You can use what you paid for to make some extra money.

How it works


Jibli helps you mention what you need to bring or buy and we will match you up with the next traveler

1Specify the item you want and provide us some details

Choose the item type from our predefined categories or, go to the general type if it’s a more special item and specify the details of this item; like color, size, quantity, where to get it from etc.

Specify how much you are willing to pay.

Provide your name, address and contact details so we complete your account creation.

Now you are all set and a “jibler” will be in touch to arrange for the purchase (if needed), pickup and delivery to you.



Have some extra space and can help move some items around the globe and make money?

1Signup as Jibler

Create a jibler account today.

Browse our market of open requests and find the items you can fulfill on your next trip for those who need it.

Once you find a request you agree to fulfill, log in the dates you can do the delivery and you will be in touch with the requester to arrange for any outstanding details.

Simply, extra space is turned to money.


Happy Users


Open Requests


Active Requests


Delivered Requests

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Makeup, Nail polish, Skin care


Perfume, Body spray, Deoderant


Chocolate, Nuts



Mobile phones, TV, Ipad


Earning, Cufflink, Chain, Ring

Drinks or Beverages

Juice, Alcohol, Soft drinks


Track your request status

You will be notified whenever there is a status change to your request


Fill in your request details and delivery address and confirm.


Your request is on the market now for jiblers to check.

In Transit

Your request is assigned to a Jibler and it is on the way.


Your request has been delivered successfully. Dont forget to rate the Jibler.

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